I am so excited that the weather is gorgeous, we have great promos again this year, our products are continuing to change lives and help you feel your best, and I get to connect with an amazing group of people in this community!

In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I am so grateful you are here and that you took time to stop by this page, to be here. Maybe you came looking for something specific, or you are just curious about the idea of natural health and wellness, I definitely want to serve you and make sure you have the best possible experience. 

This month we are going to focus on bringing you education and information about using Ningxia Red and other supplements to decrease your inflammation and support your overall health, energy, sleep, stress levels and so much more! 

I want you to feel your best! 

If you are in my community and are not in the Raindropper team hangout on Facebook, but would like to be, I can happily add you there. Or if you are on Instagram, you can ask to join the and I will be more active in there sharing education. If you are just not a social media person, connect with me and I can make sure you get the information a different way! We want everyone to have a place at this table.

And if you are here and you are looking to be part of an amazing community, to find wins for your health, and to let me walk along side you to help you feel your best, now is a great time to join me! 

Raindropper TEAM Hangout

June 1 - June 30th
Any order placed gets a chance to win!! 

~1-189 PV order placed in June will be automatically entered to win a $50 an Amazon Gift  Card! 

~Any orders 190 PV + placed will be automatically entered to win the grand prize pack! 2 bottles of Ningxia Red Juice , a Vanilla oil and Orange Oil!!! 

Valued at $160! 🎉🎉

If you are new here and ready to get started, you will also be entered to win! 

 WHY use Ningxia Red?
In a clinical Trial for Ningxia Red it was found to:
-Reduce stress by 23% and improve mental well being
-Improve energy levels by 35% 
-Improve physical limitations by 36% 
-Improves sleep cycles and lengthens sleep time by an average of 21 minutes
-Support a healthy respiratory system
-Support a healthy immune response
Isn't that incredible? 
The Gut Health Challenge
A Challenge that will leave you feeling energetic and feeling better than you have in years!! 

During the month of June,
I'm inviting you to join me in a personal challenge of feeling your very best, decreasing inflammation and boosting your energy, decreasing your stress levels and improving your mood. Did you know that 90% of your seratonin, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for your happiness, is found in the gut?? 

So grab yourself a starter bundle of Ningxia Red and some Life 9 supplement, which is a powerful probiotic, and if you want an extra boost, grab some Essentialzymes 4 which help you get the most nutrients out of your food, and get ready to feel your best. You'll take 2 oz of Ningxia Daily and a Life 9 at bedtime and I would encourage you to track how you feel before and then at the end of the month!  Please Join me! 

If you don't have your own account yet, connect with me and we will get you all set up. If you do, just add it to your order. I would encourage you to order on essential rewards because you will get more freebies as well as points and you'll feel so good you'll want to keep ordering! 

Anyone that completes the month and sends me a message, I will send you a give for joining in! 

March Gifts with Purchase do not disappoint!! These are amazing! 
A free 15ml Lime Oil with any Essential Rewards order of 100PV or more?? yes please!! 
Mix it with peppermint and you will NOT be disappointed!

Check out all the details of the FREEBIES this month! plus the new Oily Spring Collection!

*Bonus gifts for qualifying Loyalty Orders
For Full details about the Gifts with Purchase:


I am preparing to donate my Kidney this month so I have paused classes but I can't wait to be recovered and to start hosting gatherings and sharing online again soon with you! I love being together in this community more than anything!