I'm so glad you are here. Here we are imperfectly working towards creating safer homes and having tools to make our lives a little easier. This is a judgement free zone where everyone gets to make changes in their time and by doing what works for their family. 
I see you showing up for yourself and the ones you love. I'm here to know you, hear your stories and make the journey a little better than it was before. 

My heart is to hear your stories. I want to know what brought you here, what you need and how we can help you find exactly what you are looking for, for both yourself and your family. I have a deep passion for moms and they job they do day in and day out. Making that feel like a little lighter is my favorite thing.  I want you to feel seen and not alone along your journey. 

If you are already part of our community but aren't in our facebook group where we have education, giveaways and community, please go ahead and click the button below and request to join. If you are not yet part of our community and you are ready to get started, connect with me and I would love to help! 

 ✨ 14 Day Reset

Starting May 14th

 *Are You Ready? **  
***The 14 Day Reset is not your ordinary “group”  **

*  Daily workouts by a personal trainer 
*  Easy to follow printables to keep you on track and organized 
*  Meal plans with shopping lists 
*  Education on how to save on groceries 
*  Education from a certified nutritionist 
*  Mindset tips & motivational affirmations
*  New health and wellness education added monthly 
*  Message chats- you choose your desired level of engagement 
*  Education on detoxing  
*  Giveaways 

All you need to Order is Ningxia Red

 WHY use Ningxia Red?
In a clinical Trial for Ningxia Red it was found to:
-Reduce stress by 23% and improve mental well being
-Improve energy levels by 35% 
-Improve physical limitations by 36% 
-Improves sleep cycles and lengthens sleep time by an average of 21 minutes
-Support a healthy respiratory system
-Support a healthy immune response
Isn't that incredible? 
May Gifts with Purchase do not disappoint!! These are amazing! You are in for a TREAT.
Peppermint is an incredible headache buster plus it's also an energy and mood booster. Eucalyptus is so good for breathing support for exercise, if there are smoky skies this summer and it also helps tired aching feet at the end of a busy day.
And if you happen to be close to the 300PV level...do NOT miss out on that pain cream. It's the best pain cream out there!

Check out all the details of the FREEBIES this month! Plus a SALE! 


We will get back to regularly scheduled classes soon. I am just working on how to create the best value for you in this space.